Nehemiah Projects

Nehemiah in the Old Testament was the leader of the third group of exiles to return to Jerusalem from their captivity in Babylon.  When he returned, he found the walls and gates of the city in major disrepair. He proclaimed to those who loved Jerusalem: “The God of heaven will make us prosper, and we His servants will arise and build….” (Neh. 2: 20) And in chapter 3, there is an extended list of those who volunteered to take on the specific tasks of rebuilding the wall and gates of the city. As did Nehemiah, we at Ambassador Camp also have an extensive list of projects for rebuilding and repair work. All of the projects are important, but we have prioritized those ten listed in red as the ones that need to be completed before campers arrive June 16th.



We are praying that the Lord will speak to some of you to select those projects where you have the ability to help. If you do have an interest in any particular project, either email us at or call the camp office at 910.646.3909. Most of these tasks will require a group, so grab some folks to come with you. We will coordinate you and your group coming with senior camp staff who oversee the area of work you have chosen. Others of you may not be able to physically come to camp to help, but still want to contribute. You may donate and designate the project for your financial gift.




Hurricane Florence Debris Cleanup and Tree Removal  Project Completed!  Thank You!

Repair Seawall on Waterfront

Repair Pier Railing on Steps  – NEW!

Repair Boys cabin cupola to prevent water entry

Build a new permanent Gaga pit   Project Underway

Build a new permanent 9 square   Project Completed!  Thank You!

Repair of Putt-Putt Course  Project Underway

Appliance Wiring Needs

Prayer Garden lawn maintenance 

Repair leak in roof on new dining room storage area   Project Completed!  Thank You!

Fix various water leaks across camp

Chapel Projects

  • Chapel – Paint outside of building
  • Chapel – Double doors (camper entrance) need bottom weather stripping
  • Chapel – Repair rotten post on front chapel porch
  • Chapel – Dining Hall Staff Quarters needs inside painting  Project Completed!  Thank You!
  • Chapel – Purchase and install hurricane window for front Chapel windows


Boys Cabin Projects

  • Boys Cabin – replace siding on back and add proper drainage to ditch
  • Boys Cabin – replace porch railing on right side & rear to match new front left railing
  • Boys Cabin – replace door knob on back right side
  • Boys Cabin – Repair Boys cabin cupola to prevent water entry


Girls Cabin Projects

  • Girls Cabin – Pressure cleaning and re-staining

Rec Hall Projects

  • Rec Blg – replace back door & add new knob/lock unit (materials available)
  • Rec Blg – Install motion light Project Completed!  Thank You!
  • Rec Blg – Repair roof/cover over back vented window
  • Rec Blg – Repair steps  Project Completed!  Thank You!

 Outdoor Projects

  • Prime and paint new storage shed Project Underway
  • Clean/Paint Camp sign Project Underway
  • Build a new permanent Gaga pit Project Underway
  • Repair golf course as needed Project Underway 
  • Replace sections of split rail fence where needed
  • Prayer Garden beautification and lawn care
  • Repaint front Ambassador Camp sign Project Underway 
  • Build outdoor storage area for organization
  • Gazebo repairs 
  • Weeding and Debris grounds cleanup Project Completed!  Thank You CIU Students! 
  • Development and upkeep of new waterfront lot and property
  • Vinyl on 2 sides of lodge repaired
  • Removal of  2 fallen trees from Hurricane Florence Project Completed!  Thank You!
  • Repair leak in roof on new dining room storage area Project Completed!  Thank You!
  • Replace sections of the seawall
  • Pier repaire Project Underway
  • Additional dirt and gravel for parking lot and driveway 
  • Remove and replace overgrown shrubbery around the Chapel
  • Repair Pier Railing on Steps – NEW


Indoor Projects

  • Repair Art/Craft shelving
  • Fix various water leaks across camp
  • Upgrade Chapel sound system and match with new video system


Electrician Needs

  • Wiring needs in ski shed, tool shed, & add outside outlet on the front gate 
  • Rec Blg – Install motion light on back of Rec Building
  • Dining Hall – Wiring needs on dining hall porch Project Completed!  Thank You!
  • Add light switch replacing string switch in Office Project Completed!  Thank You!


Equipment/Funding Project Donations

  • Modify control board area for sound system 
  • Additional Golf Cart for Maintenance – NEW
  • Golf Cart Repair – NEW
  • Servicing of Camp Truck and Van Project Completed!  Thank You!
  • New sound system board needed
  • Upgrade Dining Hall audio equipment
  • Chapel – replace/repair large front window (vapor barrier broken)
  • Addition life jackets for waterfront program
  • Waterfront activity equipment (floats, floating mats, ski ropes, skis)
  • Purchase hurricane cover for Chapel windows
  • Creating Beach Volleyball Court  Project Underway


Small Needed Donations – NEW

  • Donation of 11 inch  or longer zip ties – NEW
  • Small Flashlight or headlamps – NEW
  • Nine volt batteries – NEW



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Please contact Ambassador Camp for questions about projects or to accept a project to complete.