March 2014 Director’s Report



MARCH 14, 2014


“Bless the Lord, all you works of His,

In all places of His dominion;

Bless the Lord, O my soul.” Psalm 103:22


FALL CREATION WEEKEND    (November 1-3, 2013)

Doug Zachery, on staff at the South Carolina State Science Museum and a member of John Mower’s church, brought the night skies to life during this weekend. The theme was “The Heavens Declare the Glory of God” and throughout the weekend Doug faithfully pointed to God as the Creator of the heavens. A portable planetarium which he set up in the chapel was the highlight of the weekend for both campers and staff.  There were a total of 71 in attendance: 37 campers and 34 staff and other adults.


PRAYER RETREAT   (December 27-28, 2013)

Prayer is foundational to the ministry of camp and so it is with great expectation that we gather each December to pray as a staff for the needs of the ministry. One encouraging answer to prayer from the December 2012 prayer retreat has been the effective treatments for the hydrilla growth in the lake. Even though more treatments are needed, reports are that the 2013 treatments have been more effective than anticipated. Confident that the Lord hears and answers, 25 staff members gathered Dec. 27-28 to again seek Him for camp.   



These monthly Saturday discipleship opportunities for staff have been regularly scheduled and well attended throughout the year. We studied David Platt’s Follow Me. The following is the date, place and attendance since October:  October 12th in Salisbury with 15 attending; November 16th at camp with 10 in attendance; December 28th-29th (with Scott Crabtree at camp) and 27 in attendance; January 10th in Salisbury with 24 present; February 8th in Sumter with 18 in attendance; March 8th at camp with 17 present.

March 8th was the last Soul Building Saturday before summer camp. The session culminated on the pier with several of the staff signing a blank check made payable to the Lord for Him to fill in as He desires. The session was very meaningful as we as a staff made the sum total of our lives payable to Him.



On February 22, the camp program committee met with Paige Lyerly in Salisbury to plan for the Spring Creation Camp on April 11-13 with Fledge Fiamingo from Son Safaris. The Lord always blesses those meetings with His presence and great ideas and great fellowship. We each come away with a sizeable “to do” list. I always love that gathering!



October 31st – Carolyn Arnemann and Caroline Crabtree went to “Safe Night For Kids” over at the Boys and Girls Homes Horse Arena armed with a couple hundred bags of candy and camp contact information in the bag. These two ladies played Corn Hole with the kids and gave each who played a bag with the contact information.

November 4th – I went to Ray Yow’s Church where he was having a Columbus Baptist Association Meeting with 13 pastors in the Association and did a Power Point Presentation on the camp’s ministry.

November 13th – Carolyn Arnemann and I did a chapel program at United Christian Academy in Charlottesville, Virginia and advertised the camp to the group of over 100 students 6th grade and up. Our contact for this program was Seth Norris, a camper/staffer and his mother.

February 8th – A couple of moms came after Soul Building in Sumter to learn more about camp. We showed the camp video and had testimonials from John Mower and Don Barber and other staff.


Upcoming Promotional Opportunities:

March 23 – Northside Baptist in Sumter at 5:30 pm

April 6th – At Corinth Baptist in Salemburg, NC at 4:00 pm



New Website:  Rachel Walton, working with a colleague, redesigned the camp website and is keeping it updated. One of the added benefits of this update is that now parents can register their children through the site. Their registration forms are emailed to the camp’s inbox and they follow up with payments by check or credit card through the mail. To date, approximately half of the registrations have been emailed through the website.

New Retreat:  The Cross Trail Outfitters will hold their first retreat at camp March 28-30. The three men who are leading the group are all Ambassador Camp men: Tom Harrison, Joel Chandler, and Ryan Burk, a former camper/counselor. The retreat is for guys grades 6th through 12th and the response has been very encouraging.

New Publicity:  

The March 10th 2014 edition of The News Reporter, the local newspaper, mentioned Ambassador Camp on its front page as a local camp that has many multigenerational attendees and was especially interested in hearing from these people in particular. Their intent is to do a series on camps at a later date. This is an opportunity for us to highlight the Lord’s faithfulness from one generation to the next at Ambassador Camp. They would like to know about camp stories, fun activities, and special memories.  Email addresses are: or


 Ambassador Camp is God’s work and it is the place of His dominion. We bless Him for His Wonderful Work!


With a heart of deep gratitude,

Becky Wray